everyone is an expert.

From plumbing to pottery and spreadsheets to skateboarding, everyone is an expert in something.

At benchly, we celebrate your experience and connect you with people who have questions you can answer.

Better yet, we connect you with people who are willing to pay for your expertise.

Someone in this world needs what you know. 

how does benchly work?

create your profile

Think of Benchly as the hub of your online business. In this case, you are selling your knowledge to people who have questions you can answer. Define your expertise and set your rate.

connect with people

Someone in this world needs what you know. Use Benchly to easily schedule a video call with them and answer their questions, allow them to pick your brain, or give them advice. 

get paid for what you know

Once the Benchly appointment is over, we’ll handle the payment processing and deposit your proceeds directly to your bank account.

at benchly

We believe in the go-getters, the bootstrappers, and the everyday experts. We exist to give you a platform to grow your audience and profit from your passion.

what is benchly?

Benchly is a community of people who are everyday experts – from photographers to fashionistas and interior designers to executive coaches.

We believe everyone should be paid for what they know – there is value in experience!

With that in mind, we make it easy for someone to schedule a video chat with you to pick your brain and ask questions. We handle the logistics of sending out reminders and invoicing them.

You answer the questions and get paid.

So get started! Whether you’re a nurse, flower arranger, handyman, or hairstylist; someone has questions that you can answer. And they’re willing to pay you for your thoughts.

Everyone is an expert on Benchly.

want to try it out?

We’re not ready for primetime, yet, but we are accepting folks who are open to adventure and trying new things.

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